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Sustainability is in high demand as people want to take more responsibility and action towards the environment. In order to meet the demand for sustainable products for luxury gifting, we partnered with TUMI.


BirdieBox and TUMI both focus on sustainability as a core value. TUMI creates products that are meant to last a lifetime and will repair any damages or help track down lost products through the TUMI Tracer product recovery program. They are constantly exploring new recycled materials to us and currently use recycled plastic bottles and nylon. Additionally, TUMI takes action to reduce their carbon footprint. Their goal is to reduce their carbon emissions by 15% and switch to 100% renewable energy by 2025.


TUMI offers beautifully designed and sustainable products, but they're also one of the most innovative companies. They possess 125+ patents and are always staying ahead of the curve when it comes to their products. Their products offer unique and exclusive features that won't be found on any other products out there.

Interested in adding TUMI to your next gift? Contact us to learn more.

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