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Pat DePirro
Chief Executive Officer
pdepirro@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
The best gift I ever received was from BirdieBox CRO, Chrissy Dunlap. When my mom passed away, Chrissy printed several pictures of my mom and other family members on a canvas and wood picture frame. When my Dad saw the picture, he asked me if he could have it. Chrissy overheard the story and sent another picture frame to me.
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Chrissy Dunlap
Chief Revenue Officer
cdunlap@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
My favorite gift continues to be the handwritten cards from my husband every anniversary and birthday. I’ve kept every one since we started dating. He could spend crazy money on something but what stays with me are the heartfelt sentiments and reflections of his words, and the fact he took the time to write something so thoughtful for me.
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Frances Gulick
Chief Information Officer
frances@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
The best gift I have ever received was from my best friend. She sponsored one of the amazing women in the Black Mambas (a wildlife conservation group) in my name. I have followed the group for years. That she remembered a detail that meant to much to me, was truly touching.
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Stacey Bel Bruno
Vice President of Human Resources
stacey@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
One of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received was 2 years ago when my daughter gave me a 23andMe DNA Testing Box. It was my favorite gift because it was super exciting to find out the results, and share them with the rest of my family. We found out ancestry information that not even my parents knew.
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Minnie Puente
Chief Operations Officer
mpuente@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
The best gift I’ve ever received is from my best friend. She surprised us all with matching necklaces that symbolize grit. This gift is incredibly meaningful to me because it represents the strength we all share. Whenever I wear it, I feel deeply connected to my lifelong friends and find comfort in knowing we're always supporting each other.
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Haley Bishop
Director of Development and E-Commerce
hbishop@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
The best gift I ever received was my first guitar. I had been learning on a really old one that was falling apart. I wasn't ready to spend my college student's income on a new one, so a friend got me a beautiful used guitar! It was something I would never have done for myself, but meant so much to me in the long run!
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Diego Bolivar
Customer Success Manager
dbolivar@BirdieBox.comBook a meeting
The greatest gift I ever received was the fantastic suit my parents gave me for my graduation. I'll never forget how special that gift was.
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Jacob Brown
jacob@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
The best gift I ever received were kitchen tong handles! I can attach any pair of spoons or forks onto them, so they are super useful. I can't imagine my day-today life without them!
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Joe Clemente
Head of Finance
jclemente@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
The best gift I ever received has got to be the watch my wife gave me prior to our wedding day 20 years ago. I like watches and this one is still the most special to me.
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Katie Czarny
Customer Success Coordinator
kczarny@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
The best gift that I have received was a Claddagh ring from my parents on my 16th birthday. I will never forget the amount of joy and appreciation it brought me. I still have the ring, and I will pass it on to my daughter on her 16th birthday.
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Dave DeRosa
Manager of Vendor Relations
DDerosa@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
The best gifts I have ever received have always been surprises. When people put thought behind their gifts, and I receive something I wasn't expecting I always feel loved. Unexpected gifts are the best gifts.
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Olivia Dollar
Digital Experience Coordinator
ODollar@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
The best gift I ever received was a cookbook from my mom when I moved away in college. She included handwritten notes in the book and it was super meaningful coming from the woman who taught me to love cooking!
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Maddie Douglas
Account Executive
mdouglas@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
The best gift I ever received was a trip to New York City with my grandparents because it allowed me to spend one on one time with them. It's a trip I will never forget!
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Mike Hanlon
Customer Success Manager
mhanlon@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
The best gift I've ever received was a booklet my wife made with highlights of our life together. The fact that it was personalized to our journey made it so thoughtful and special.
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Blanca Kellogg
Customer Success Coordinator
BKellogg@BirdieBox.comBook a meeting
My favorite gift I have ever received was a copy of The Alchemist. It always helps me learn something new when I'm in the middle of a major transition in life.
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Lingling Kao
Global Vendor Sourcing Manager
lingling@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
I received a surprise cake and flowers at work one year a while ago. My colleagues set up a meeting invitation and when I walked to the meeting room, there was a whole team hiding there and shouting "surprise!" I was shocked but very touched since I never celebrated my birthday after I left home for college 30 years ago.
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Thayer Hannah King
Social Media and Marketing Manager
tking@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
My favorite gift I have ever received is the guitar my parents gifted to me when I was 18. It was so thoughtful and playing the guitar became my new favorite hobby!
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Tyler Penn
Senior Director of Operations
TPenn@BirdieBox.comBook a meeting
On my 30th birthday my mom gave me a note I had written when I was in 3rd grade. I wrote a letter to my future self saying I would be “Rich and retired by age 30." I’m still working, but this note gave us a good laugh and made a great memory.
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Alejandra Rodriguez
Customer Success Manager
ARodriguez@BirdieBox.comBook a meeting
The best gift I’ve received is a skateboard - as an adult! It was a meaningful message to remember your inner child, try new things, and always get back up & try again!
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Jasmin Salas
Customer Service Manager
jsalas@BirdieBox.comBook a meeting
The best gift I've ever received is time from my brother Isaac and my mom. They used their PTO hours to help me out after having each of my kids. It is a gift I will forever be grateful for.
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Leah Scruggs
Assistant Buyer
leah@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
The best gift I ever received was my grandmother's wedding ring. After she passed away, I found out that she had left her ring to me as well as many other pieces of jewelry. In addition to the jewelry, she had left me detailed notes as to what the significance of each piece meant. It was the most thoughtful and meaningful gift I have ever received by far.
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Eric Swayne
Director of Business Intelligence
eswayne@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
One of my favorite gifts recently was from my parents, they took our whole family on a cruise! It was the first time my kids had ever traveled outside the country, and we created so many memories together that will last a lifetime. Now that we all have passports, we're ready for another adventure together!
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Brandon Tyler
Director of Sales Enablement
BTyler@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
The best gift I have ever received was a COVID care package while my entire family caught the first wave in March 2020. It was such a thoughtful gift to receive during such uncertain times.
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Joseph Washburn
jwashburn@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
When I was 13, my parents surprised me by buying out the trumpet that I'd been renting through all of middle school. I have it and play it to this day.
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Dayna Weissman
Chicago Printing Technician / graphic designer
dweissman@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
The best gift I have received was a first-edition copy of one of my favorite books from my best friend. Receiving it made me realize how well she knew me!
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Mark Williams
Customer Success Manager
mwilliams@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
Best gift I ever got was a watch from my wife. We had been married for a few years and I was really wanting a “nice” watch. For our anniversary my wife got me a Tag Heuer watch that I was looking at. I don’t wear it often these days, but still have in a safe location.
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Matt Zajic
Manager of New Business
mzajic@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
One of my favorite gifts I have ever received was a custom vinyl record of my favorite songs. I love collecting vinyls, so having one made of songs that are super meaningful to me made it a gift I will never forget!
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Juliette Zyzda
Director of Business Development / Chicago
jeiseman@birdiebox.comBook a meeting
One of the most memorable gifts I've ever received was from my best friend when I had just moved from my hometown of St. Louis to Chicago. She sent me a box of my favorite St. Louis items including a frozen Imo's pizza and a Cardinals hat. It made me truly feel close to home even though I was living in a new city.
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Make Gifting an experience

BirdieBox Story

After a storied career on Wall Street, Keith Bolognese moved to Scottsdale, AZ and founded BirdieBox in late 2013, born from a love of golf and lifestyle. Our first tagline was Golf. Life. Style. In April, 2014, Keith called upon his childhood friend, Pat DePirro to run the company since there was trust, friendship and mutual respect between the two New Yorkers.

In Q4 of 2016, DePirro made the difficult decision to sunset BirdieBox successful monthly golf subscription service to solely focus on corporate gifting, changing the business model, branding and tagline.  Pat drew upon his experience as a corporate sales leader for MLB, Viacom and Bloomberg, regularly entertaining clients at sporting events, golf trips and other marquis events.  Part of creating these memorable experiences, DePirro often provided thoughtful and personalized gifts regardless of the time, energy and coordination required to source, package and customize them for each client.  

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ate 2017, DePirro's friend, investor and current Board Member, Michael Myers joined BirdieBox to expand the business verticals and scale the business, focusing on targeting professional sports, colleges and financial service professionals as he saw an immediate need in the marketplace.  Understanding the value, time savings and convenience that a streamlined concierge gifting service would deliver, Myers leveraged his stellar reputation and huge network in sports to build BirdieBox's presence.  Myers was also responsible for bringing on top talent and executive leaders, Chrissy Dunlap and Perla Peralta.

Built on the foundation of being thoughtful, personal and transparent, BirdieBox continues to provide the highest quality products sourced across the globe. We built relationships with over one hundred top-tier consumer brands and made investments in equipment that facilitate and expedite personalization on both products and packaging.

Additionally, BirdieBox invested in their supply chain so they would have the ability to provide all services needed such as product storage, custom website development, onsite staffing and ongoing customer support, always leaving a lasting impression with each client and their most valued customers. And because one size does not fit all, clients can choose from custom-designed gift sets, on-site gift suites or virtual gift portals, all designed to engage and delight gift recipients.

BirdieBox is headquartered and executes their turnkey fulfillment services in Miami, FL.  A second showroom at The Star District in Frisco, Tx will open in the Spring, 2021. While 2020 may have proven to be a challenging year for most companies, BirdieBox is poised to continue their impressive 2x YOY growth for the fourth year in a row.  This is just the beginning...

BirdieBox: Make Gifting An Experience.

The Leader of Luxury Gifting

Our Process
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Our Process

How We Work



Define it. What is the purpose of the gift? What action are you trying to evoke?


Clarify it. What strategic element from your core values, event, marketing campaign, etc can you bring forward into the message of the gift?


Deliver it. Lead with the personalization and customization on the product, custom packaging and video messaging to deliver human connection beyond a swag bag of tchotchkes.
From our Clients

Thoughtful Gifting Moments

We try to follow 3 simple rules.
01. Intent
02. Message
03. Wow-Factor

Gifting examples

Sales / Services Recognition

Great work deserves a great reward. Gift your top sales people with the hottest products of the season. Throw in a custom note of appreciation with a QR code linking to the Spotify playlist that will keep them grinding towards the next goal.

Employee & Customer Appreciation

New home owners are left shocked by the beautiful home and thoughtful gift and remember to call D.R. Horton when they’re ready to build again.

New Employee & Client Onboarding

Welcome to the team! Don’t just give a pen and notepad with your logo to your newest team member. Make them excited to get to work with products that mean something to them featuring their own name and initials.
In-Person Event

On-Site immersive experiences

BirdieBox was on-site for an evening of dinner, drinks, and golf in Dallas! Dallas Country Club wanted their guests to be able to choose from both trending and luxury brands that would make the entire evening luxurious and memorable.
Biz Dev

Partnership prospecting

Wow your key prospects with a hyper-personalized gifting moment and simple CTA. This strategic play will land returned phone calls and replies for your Biz Dev team. Let the gift do the work for you.
Make gifting an experience

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