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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, health and wellness themed gift sets have become the most popular amongst our clients. We sought out a company that provides products that encompass all ideas of what health and wellness can mean. Insert Hyperice.


Both BirdieBox and Hyperice have a desire to better people's lives. Our partnership with Hyperice enables us to be their best selves; physically and mentally. No matter who you are (pro-athlete or casual gym goer) Hyperice is dedicated to helping you keep moving and feeling good. We are proud to partner with an innovative company that is constantly seeking a way to improve lives.


Over the last 10 years, Hyperice has worked tirelessly to push boundaries, innovate, and help people everywhere move better. They've gained the support and partnership of many athletes including Naomi Osaka, Patrick Mahomes, and Erling Haaland. They've also partnered with some of the world’s most recognizable leagues, teams who prioritize moving forward in the wellness space including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and PGA Tour. With a collection of collection of products ranging from percussion massage guns to meditation guidance, Hyperice has the right item no matter what health and wellness mean to you.

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