Tapas Time

Tapas are bite-sized appetizers or snacks in Spanish cuisine and we are here for it in 2020. Pass these mini-serving boards around for the ultimate game-day experience at home. 

Gift Set Includes:

Set of 3 Bamboo Serving Boards - These handy boards are ideal for slicing limes, lemons and other garnishes, cutting and serving sandwiches or as a platter for appetizers and finger foods while entertaining. Each board measures 9-1/4 inches by 5-1/8 inches and is 1/2 inch thick.

Tapas Revised BookHere are all the appetizer dishes that have long been a tradition in Spanish cuisine—mélanges of seafood in aromatic sauces; little ragouts of meat, sausages, beans; colorful salads and marinades; the omelets called tortillas that enclose a variety of tasty tidbits; banderillas, zesty combinations on skewers; and empanadas, savory delights encased in pastry.

Soft Touch Box