Muggo The Self-Heating Travel Mug

Muggo is the self-heating travel mug that keeps any beverage at your perfect temperature for up to 3 hours so you can enjoy every sip at just the right temperature. When temperature matters most, Muggo delivers a superior battery-heated travel mug, precisely heating 12 ounces of your favorite beverage to your desired temperature between 95-150 degrees (Fahrenheit). No need to worry about leaks and spills with the 360-degree leak-resistant lid, simply press down on the center of the lid and sip from any side of the mug. The efficient dual-charging coaster and patented magnetic battery allow you to heat your mug while charging your battery on the coaster, when you're ready to hit the road, simply bring the mug and the battery together and be on your way. The coaster also allows for charging two batteries or heating two mugs at the same time with the option to use the provided 18W wall adaptor or via USB-C.