Ultimate Spa Day

Treat yourself in the most luxurious way with this spa set! 

Sonoma Lavender Aromatherapy Spa Booties - Heat in your microwave, slip on your cold, achy feet for a deep penetrating heat that increases circulation. Soothing to your feet while aromatherapy relaxes you!

Sonoma Lavender Aromatherapy Neck Wrap - Bring deep heat and relaxation to the place that holds tension: your neck. The combined effect of the lavender aromatherapy with the long-lasting heat relieves aching muscles. Microwave one minute for heat or freeze for cool comfort.

BBTEK Noise Canceling Headphones - Great bass and clear trebles make for a rich listening experience. Top-notch comfort and adjustability allows for extended use. Ear caps and leather case can be branded with your logo/initials.

Bath Salts - A soothing blend of essential oils to make your next bath extra relaxing.

Soft Touch Box in Black or White