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When tech and sustainability are two of our most common requests to include in gifting, we sought out a way to combine them. Nimble is the solution to providing cool tech in a sustainable way.


BirdieBox and Nimble hold both sustainability and transparency as a high priority. Nimble uses quality materials that have less impact on the environment like recycled aluminum, recycled polycarbonate, recycled PET, recycled Silicone, Organic hemp, and recycled paper. They also offer a One-for-One Tech Recovery Project which means they include a biodegradable bag with all of their products so you can easily recycled your old tech products.


Nimble doesn't make you compromise between taking care of the environment and having premium tech products. They offer a wide array of sleek products made with sustainable products sold in plastic-free packaging, but are equipped with high performing technology.

Interested in adding Nimble to your next gift? Contact us to learn more.

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