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Our clients want the coolest and most current tech to gift their recipients. We partnered with Garmin, a leader in GPS navigation and wearable technology to meet this demand.


BirdieBox and Garmin both value people's time and how it's spent. At BirdieBox, we save our client's time by curating wow-factor gifts so they don't have to and Garmin engineers the best products that enable people to make the most of their time doing their passion. Garmin's products offer utility, leading technologies, and ease-of-use creating clear differentiators people want.


Not only does Garmin offer quality tech products that make it easier and more fun to enjoy your active lifestyle, they also prioritize sustainability and charitable causes. Garmin continues to invest in every aspect of their business to create a better environment particularly through their products and packaging and materials. They also raise money for United Way and National Runners Alliance and are active in various STEM outreach programs. So you can feel good about the Garmin product you use every day.

Interested in adding Garmin to your next gift? Contact us to learn more.

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