"BirdieBox is so much more than a personalized gift solution. They take customization, personalization and customer service to the next level. The branded closing gift sets they put together for us have been a huge hit and have impressed customers and sales agents alike. The setup and fulfillment processes have been a breeze for us. Chrissy and Francis are wonderful to work with on any aspect of the process. They are extremely knowledgeable, articulate, friendly and they do an excellent job of communicating expectations. If there was ever a problem, it was resolved within minutes. As a Marketing Manager, I work with numerous vendors daily, which can (at times) be very challenging. Chrissy and Francis have not only been a pleasure to work with, but they have made what I do easier, which is hugely invaluable to me. The service they provide is second to none and I cannot recommend them highly enough."  

Whitney Holloway

Assistant Marketing Manager

North Central Texas & Brazos Valley Divisions



"BirdieBox has been such an asset to the Iowa Division in terms of providing quality homebuyer and real estate agent gifts. Chrissy and Frances were able to fill the need for gifts in such an easy and cost-efficient way. Their quick processes allowed us to get these gifts rolled out immediately and provide a nice touch now to all who come in contact with our division! I would highly recommend using BirdieBox for any post-closing gifts or agent gifts in general!"

Bryce Verlinden

Marketing Coordinator, Iowa Division

D.R. Horton 

"Previously the Central Carolina division handed out personalized cutting boards as a closing gifts. This cutting boards were well perceived but cumbersome due to their weight.  After seeing the BirdieBox program at the East Region sales and marketing meeting,  our division VP of Sales and Marketing instantly thought this would be the perfect gift for our buyers.   The presentation of our new closing gift is modern and sleek. Plus we instructed our sales team to remind their homeowners that the box itself is a handy storage place for other items.  We chose the charging pad as the main gift as it falls in line with our Home Is Connected branding.  The discount cards are also value added for our buyers as it gives them more opportunities to save on their new purchase after closing. So far this change has been cost effective, simple in process, and our team likes the design aesthetic of the gift and box."

Melody Pone

Marketing Manager Central Carolina Division

D.R. Horton


"After meeting the BirdieBox team last July, I knew it was kismet that I was preparing an updated version of our North Region Sales and Construction incentive program, Champions Club, to roll out to our group. BirdieBox’s resources to brand-name products combined with the cost-effective price point and drop shipping to division offices was a huge help in coordinating the effort for our eight divisions spread across the Midwest. THANK YOU to Chrissy, Frances, and the entire BirdieBox team for making our quarterly incentive program seamless to fulfill! The customer service and experience working with BirdieBox for the past year has exceeded all expectations and quite honestly has been the smoothest transition from order confirmation to drop ship delivery out of all the vendors I’ve collaborated with on this project" 

Maureen Luyun

Regional Marketing Manager

D.R. Horton


"Working with BirdieBox has been a “thank goodness” for our division. With any new partner, you never know how customer service, consistency, or potential issues may arise. I’m so grateful that BirdieBox has payment, consistency, customer service, as well as the quality & ease of customization on lockdown. Chrissy and Frances are on top of their game and actively reach out to us communicate shipments, quantities and check in on how the program is going and if anything needs to be changed. Their proactiveness and consistent delivery on product and customer service is highly appreciated and I can always count on them to deliver. (This was unexpected during times such as these, as you never know if shipment issues, new tariffs, product shortages will arise, but the deliveries, customer service, and pricing haven’t wavered). I wish we could record our customers reactions and include it in this testimonial, as they have been beyond surprised, excited, and grateful when presented with their customized closing boxes. Thank you BirdieBox for being so easy to do business with and providing a consistent quality service for us."

Sherry Herr

Division Marketing Manager, Austin Division

D.R. Horton    

Samantha Fowler D.R. Horton

"Our division currently works with BirdieBox for customer closing gifts, realtor appreciation gifts, and Top Gun prizes (an internal awards program). BirdieBox has streamlined each process, saving us time and money, while elevating the presentation, customization and quality of items offered. I love that the Closing Gift program and Top Gun digital gift photo are turnkey and we are able to focus our time on other important matters.

We work with neighboring division officers to help save additional cost with volume discounts on products. I really appreciate the level of customer service and flexibility BirdieBox has given us, especially amidst record sales volume and limited resources."

Samantha Fowler
Marketing Coordinator
D.R. Horton