In late 2017, DePirro's friend, investor and current Board Member, Michael Myers joined BirdieBox to expand the business verticals and scale the business, focusing on targeting professional sports, colleges and financial service professionals as he saw an immediate need in the marketplace.  Understanding the value, time savings and convenience that a streamlined concierge gifting service would deliver, Myers leveraged his stellar reputation and huge network in sports to build BirdieBox's presence.  Myers was also responsible for bringing on top talent and executive leaders, Chrissy Dunlap and Perla Peralta.

Built on the foundation of being thoughtful, personal and transparent, BirdieBox continues to provide the highest quality products sourced across the globe. We built relationships with over one hundred top-tier consumer brands and made investments in equipment that facilitate and expedite personalization on both products and packaging. 

Additionally, BirdieBox invested in their supply chain so they would have the ability to provide all services needed such as product storage, custom website development, onsite staffing and ongoing customer support, always leaving a lasting impression with each client and their most valued customers. And because one size does not fit all, clients can choose from custom-designed gift sets, on-site gift suites or virtual gift portals, all designed to engage and delight gift recipients. 

BirdieBox is headquartered and executes their turnkey fulfillment services in Miami, FL.  A second showroom at The Star District in Frisco, Tx will open in the Spring, 2021. While 2020 may have proven to be a challenging year for most companies, BirdieBox is poised to continue their impressive 2x YOY growth for the fourth year in a row.  This is just the beginning...

BirdieBox: Make Gifting An Experience.